Victims of Impunity

After what was officially known as the Tutsi genocide in 1994 and Paul Kagame’s rise to power, hundreds of Hutus from Rwanda were forced to flee their country out of fear of being exterminated. A great number of them, of which many were children, women and elderly people, arrived on foot to the former Zaire (now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo) where they tried to survive in horrendous conditions in the woods and refugee camps of the neighboring country. The Tutsi army of the RPF invaded the East of the Congo and indiscriminately massacred Hutu refugees with the excuse that there were murderers who had participated in the genocide amongst them. Some of the more fortunate refugees managed to survive by walking hundreds of kilometers over the years. More than two decades later, the time has come to put a name and face to their stories of human suffering.

Director: Jon Cuesta
Producer: Hayat Traspas
Director of Photography: Fran Castaño
Year: 2018
Duration: 90'